Thousand Islands plus Boldt Castle July 21

Mark wanted to see Boldt Castle on Heart Island, which in the USA. We had just cleared ourselves and Cherish through Canadian customs. In order to abide by the Canadian laws, we had to dispose of our lovely fresh Oswego vegetables. Bring in a boat for a temporary stay still, mean declaring everything like the food and beverages. Then if we took Cherish to the US then we'd have to clear ourselves there, then see the Castle and reclear Canadian Customs.  Instead, we contacted the Canadian Customs people as found that we could go in Fitz and have somewhat less effort to come back into Canada.

The bay we stated in, transformed into a busy parking lot while we were away at Boldt Castle.

We arose early in morning, Stephanie started a Slow Cooker meal (another thing that we bought and had poor Peter Andrews have to deliver to us). The three of us loaded in Fitz from Canada to the US. It was a bit of rough ride through the St. Lawrence in Fitz (a 10.5' dingy). Mark piloted us on the lee side of several islands to reduce the bumps.

Boldt Castle is on Heart Island. The story goes that Boldt had the island's shape dynamited to form the shape of a heart. At Heart Island, before we touched the dock we got the summary for the US Customs people on their view. Once we got the word from US Customs we lined up for the 1 hour to get an immigration interview as the US Officers have a million tour boat to clear.  While waiting Currie used the US Roam App to shorten the process. It was good. The ROAM app had forgotten all the Currie had typed in on Cherish. Of course, we did not have as much data available that we had on the board Cherish so it was more complex to recreate on the dock of the Boldt Castle on just a phone. We did manage to pull it all back together and then we were video interviewed by US Customs and given a clearance number. Really a good system.

Boldt Castle was worth, but it is packed with people. Currie and Mark also went to the Boldt Castle boathouse, which is a boat ride away. Lovely old boats and stories there. The pictures below speak for themselves on Boldt.

Departing Boldt we had to self-report back to Canadian Customs and get another clearance number. The following day Stephanie, through all her great research pointed out Singer Castle and we should have stopped and gone there but we believed it would have taken two more immigration events.

Once back through Canadian Customs again we started up the St. Lawrence. The was an event for large offshore racing boat boats which provided us with great entertainment. Just guessing but in Canada fuel prices these boats would burn around 150 gallons per hour at $6 Canadian a gallon $900 an hour to run. A poker run of fast boats entertained us as we traveled 8 mph and they at 70 mph.

Other pictures from the Thousand Islands. Stephanie researched and found that to be an "island" it has to be roughly one square foot at high water and have a tree.  We thought that the island chain would be longer and larger than it was, however, a beautiful spot and more people enjoying it than anywhere else we have been so far on this leg of the Great Loop.

Currie will stack all the pictures together here rather in intersperse with the text in case you get bored with either castle or boat pictures.

The children playhouse, bowling alley, and theatre.

Just the Boathouse

The power generation building

The racing boat Poker Run

Cruising up the Thousand Islands

Singer Castle

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