Lake Ontario Crossing and the First Day in Canada July 20

However, Lake Ontario is a Great Lake and scary. We passed this traditional lighthouse as we left Oswego, knowing that it was there for a reason. You’ll have to forgive the few canted pictures. The floor of Cherish is not parallel to the water and the boat is moving up and down. We need time and tools to allow for cropping and rotating without having to go through PowerPoint.

We ended up with a “relatively” quiet crossing. We had, what for a Great Lake were small waves but they were on the quarter or the beam and beat up poor Stephanie to the point that she needed to sleep most of the trip. After hours of fighting the waves, we had to check in with Canadian Customs at Wolfe Island. The Wolfe Island ferry staff helped us land Cherish on pilings that were not really marked by Canada Customs, in pounding waves.

We navigated our way up the St. Lawrence.

We found an anchorage on the Canadian side of the beginning of the Thousand Islands. It was a popular bay in the Thousand Island Federal park system, anchoring and we thought people were there for the night but then those people left.

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