Nutter Bay the Archipelago, Massasauga Provincial Park⁩ Ontario, Aug 13

Cherish the morning of Aug. 13, 2018 at Bay Port Yachting Center in Midland Ontario Canada.

Stephanie and Currie watched them stack boats like cases of tomatoes at Costco. This is not winter storage it is just day use. Presumably, you call an hour ahead and say boat A13 and they launch it and keep it on a finger of the dock. In the evening they work late to take you returning day trip boat, pressure wash it and stack it up.

These are not small boats. For scale look at the size of the man in the yellow shirt compared to the forklift.

We met a number of very friendly boaters at this marina, that we would see later in the trip.  We helped the owner of N’OCEANS ready and new dingy. Florida is a long way from Parry Sound Ontario. The owner was traveling alone (single handing) the 43′ boat.

The gentleman on this trawler had engine problems.

Mark fully jumped in to help debug the fuel starvation problem, as you can see Mark in the bowels of his trawler. This is the same person that Stephanie and Currie chatted with for hours in the laundry the night before.

You are about to see a number of images from Georgian Bay and it is hard to imagine how the narrow channels and very hard rocks.  Here is a screenshot from Navionics on Currie’s phone. We depended on Navionics to keep us safe for the entire trip. The white is the limited deep water, yellow the land and blue all the shallow areas.

Everyone in the marina was much more prepared for the Bay, with their routes all planned out months ahead of time. Here Mark receives some pointers from other boaters before we started.

Here is an example of a rock ready to bite anyone not watching every minute. The rock(s) are barely submerged as you can see by the little brown area with a hint of a wave breaking over it.

Georgian Bay is famous for the strong rocks and wind-shaped trees.  Partially made famous by Canada’s Group of Seven painters. See this for Group of Seven images. We cannot copy the image here out of respect for the painters but you will see the comparison, even while those painting are from 1917

Many images follow of the amazing landscape.


This is a waterside cafe/bar that we suspect cannot be reached by land. Clear it is popular with all the dock space.

Mark carefully navigated us into this secluded bay, which was Currie’s favourite of the entire trip.



Mark and Debra took an exploratory trip with Fitz and then Mark buzzed a loop Cherish, at a very safe distance, to announce their return.

Stephanie and Currie also took a run out in Fitz and returned with these images.

As the sun set, we all enjoyed the peach of this anchorage.

Courtney of Bing Maps

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