Shawanaga Inlet in Hopewell Bay Ontario, Aug 14

Currie was up very early and paddled Fitz away from Cherish so as not to awaken others.

Currie boated around enjoying the morning quiet.

Currie returned to Cherish when all was quiet.

Stephanie took this picture of Currie trying to quietly return but found that they were all already awake.

Mark made his famous pancake breakfast to celebrate the fabous spot. You can see in the background the amazing environment to wake up to.

We made our way from lovely anchorage towards the city of Parry Sound.  The images below we captured on the way.

We tied up at the City Dock in Parry Sound, which is a very active hub in the region, including a busy seaplane port.

This rail trestle still stands and was painted in 1914.

In the City of Parry Sound they had murals.

Mark and Debra went shopping for provisions as did Stephanie and Currie. We also continued to walk the city and found this craft fair where we bought a wild blueberry struddle, that was great.

Along the way Currie and Stephanie installed window film to reflect some of the sun from the pilothouse as it is a bit of an oven in the summer. The second picture is Mark and Debra on the foredeck, where they spent a great deal of time taking in the sights.

Mark found Shawanaga Inlet in Hopewell Bay Ontario as an anchorage for the night.

More sunset pictures.

Courtesy of Bing Maps

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