The Big Chute and on to Midland Ontario Aug 12

Leaving Chiefs Island headed for Lock #44 The Big Chute.

We went down endless “roads” of tightly knit houses on either side of a narrow canal. Cherish was out of place in this environment as Cherish was much larger than the locals.

Many people do maintain their yards beautifully.

There are always strange sights, like this rail car on top of a silo.

We saw many, many vessels on our trip. This one was one most cost-effective. It delivers great enjoyment for its creators.

More art pictures of swing bridges.

Mark at one of our daily afternoon swims this one just after Lock #43 Swift Rapids.

Panorama of the Big Chute queue area.

This is the Big Chute rail car.

A boat coming up the chute in the rail car carry. That is Stephanie’s hand in the bottom right, taking her pictures.

Entering the Big Chute.

Mark at the top of the Big Chute and the boats in front of us on the rail car.

Mark and Debra taking it all in. Cherish is really in a rail car with no water in the process. This creates a natural barrier to invasive species as they cannot survive the journey out of the water.

Cherish going down the hill. Currie on the right taking pictures.

Below, another boat at the same stage as Cherish is above.

Leaving the Big Chute you can see the inclined track.

We are now formally in Georgian Bay. We tied up in Bay Port Yachting Center in Midland, Ontario.

Stephanie and Currie did laundry from 7 – 10 pm. We chatted with a gentleman from Connecticut, in a Trawler, about his experiences including a trip up the St. Lawrence and through Nova Scotia.

Courtesy of Bing Maps.

3 thoughts on “The Big Chute and on to Midland Ontario Aug 12”

  1. So how did the props look?
    Sanded off a bit on the ends from the mud in the rivers?

    1. When we got to clearer waters Mark dove down to see how things were. The quarter coin size chunk taken out on the Erie remained the only major missing bit. At Charlevoix, MI where the boat is wintering, they’ve pulled the props and sent them to the doctor.

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