Leaving Kingston for Trent Ontario. Over Night at Indian Island Aug 5

There was a triathlon in Kingston so the bridge we needed to have opened was closed until 12:15 pm so that delayed our travel.  We went past Queens University and the famous Queens Medical School. Unusual for us there were other boats out. 

Then passed these waterfront properties Kingston Penitentiary (on the left) and the Institute for the Criminally Insane (on the right), and then some classy Yacht Clubs, and lovely homes.

The waterway was a wide river in some areas but still a very narrow/restricted navigable channel for larger craft.

Jet-skiers loved the wake that Cherish could make, when appropriate, for their wake jumping entertainment. 

Just passed Belleville, Ontario we dropped anchor by Indian Island last we had missed the last time slot to start the Trent-Severn waterway.  We tried Trent Port but this stopped answering their phones at 7 pm. We heard from others it was nice but this missed a chance to get our fees. We tried the same with the marinas at Belleville but no answer. 

Stephanie’s Sunset picture

The morning brought the normal vegetable harvest. In this case we also brought up lovely clay. Mark, being an old potter was ready to throw a mug right then but time prevented.  

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