⁨Lake Simcoe⁩, ⁨Orillia⁩ Ont Aug 11

We left Lock #34 Fenlon Falls destin for Orillia, Ontario.  As was becoming the norm, we briefly stopped this time in Balsam Lake for a quick swim.

More of Stephanie’s lock wall art.

Entering into a canal we saw this grand and expensive house with an extra dose of toys.

We went down this long canal for miles, that was not wide enough for two boats to pass.

Along the canal we found these cattle cooling off.

The narrow canal opens up to at Lock #36 the Kirkland Lift Lock which is like the Peterborough lift lock.

Looking back out of Cherish to the canal


At Lock #36, this time we started at the top and went down. Here is Currie taking a picture while standing on the bow pulpit of Cherish.

At the bottom of the lock waiting for the front lock container “tailgate” to open.

Here is an image looking back at Lock #36 where you can see the two chambers.

we went through a lot of locks today. Here Debra chats with locals.

In some areas of the canal it was shallow enough the people could build rock sculptures, in what seems to be in a deep region of water.

Along the way, we ran across the navigational aid maintenance craft.

We have noted before these crazy bird islands. This is another one that looks like birds on a roller coaster.

We anchored just off Chiefs Island just past Orillia.

Then a huge rainstorm came and people in the bay started to run back to their slips. You can see the rain storm coming out of the cloud on the picture on the right.

After the storm a lovely sunset evolved.

While it is now common for people to have coloured lights on swim grids this boat had lights on the hull.

Courtesy of Bing Maps.