Campbellford & Hastings Ont Aug 7

We are not sure how Patrick caught a Cold but he left Currie and then Stephanie with a Cold so it was not an easy night. We proceeded through locks 11 and 12 and caught this images as we went.

As we have discussed before there is are many reminders that these areas of Canada and the US used to be manufacturing areas with jobs and vibrant economies. This only plant was a carpet factory.

We tied up at Campbellford to see the sites. Like in previous cities the local fire department was using the river water for practice.

We had heard stories about the famous Dooher’s Bakery and separately Mark and Deb stopped by as did Stephanie and Currie.  The reputation was well deserved as the treats were great.

The two dollar coin in Canada, called the Toonie, has many designs and one was created by a Cambepllford artist and displayed in the town park.

While in town Currie stopped by a coffee shop to get some high-speed internet connectivity to upload photos for this blog. It was ineffective, most everywhere we went on land or on the boat had very poor bandwidth. Like other small towns, Campbellford was proud and doing their best to make their city vibrant.

The locks have a friendly, and employee self-fund, competitions for gardens which makes the trip even more special.

We tied up on the blue line of Lock #18.

The clerk at Todd’s Value-Mart recommended Square Boy’s for Pizza so off Stephanie and Currie went.  It was in a gas station and as you can see from the left-hand photo a very unlikely spot. They made a good half meat (for Stephanie) and half veggie (for Currie) pizza that we ate for days.

Stephanie captured move of her Art of Locks images from the wall and the doors.

As the sunset walked we captured pictures

Courtesy of Bing Maps

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