Peterborough Ontario Aug 8

Beautiful morning in Hasting Ontario.

Leaving Hasting on the way to Peterborough Ontario.

There were lovely homes and gardens on the way.

That meant transiting Locks 18 & 19 on a rainy day. We have talked about all the dedicated and happy lock workers from Park Canada. They are skilled and helpful but they do have a great job.

Sadly, we saw an awful lot of decommissioned rail bridges like this old boy.

We had a quiet trip and after buying diesel we tied up at part of the Peterborough Public Marina on the Crescent Street T wharf. Peterborough is Jim Fitz’s hometown and so we felt special to be there with Cherish and the namesake tender Fitz.

Currie tried to use the Marina Wifi to upload blog pictures but that was a failure. Stephanie and Currie ended up eating at Smitty’s just to get some bandwidth. We had to eat dinner very, very slowly in order to get a few days of pictures uploaded. Then we walked up George Street and then we caught the free MusicFest Trolley back to the Marina. We were very fortunate that we are next to the MusicFest venue (Del Crary Park). The performer was Alan Doyle for Great Big Sea.  The concert had already begun by the time Stephanie and Currie returned to the boat but Mark and Debra had been enjoying it from the back deck of Cherish.

while Mark and Debra walked up to lock #21, the famous Peterborough Lift Lock. All of us got caught in a total downpour like heavens opened up downpour. More on that in the next blog entry.

Courtesy of Bing Maps

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