Block Island down the North coast of Long Island to Port Jefferson night of July 8, 2018

We had worries of a rough trip between Block Island and Port Jefferson. It about 90 miles by sea and really is the ocean.  If one turns left between Block Island and Montauk you would end up on the African continent at about Western Sahara. Given our success with Garmin Chartplotters and Garmin as a company, it is as likely for us to have made to Port Jefferson as the Sahara. Happily, Navionics provides us with great insight and we are hoping that Garmin does not destroy them.

The crossing turned out to be very pleasant and smooth in Mark and Currie's point of view. Stephanie caught a good long nap to avoid seasickness.  90 miles at 9 miles per hour is a long day but we also had the currents from the tides so it was longer. We left at 6:30 am but again Mark and I are early birds so no issues with that. Stephanie needed to be asleep to be healthy.

Cherish after a real ocean adventure. Strangely ocean is neither deep nor cold. I think on the 90 miles we saw the maximum depth of something like 80 feet and the ocean temperatures are in the 70 degrees. On the Pacific Northwest coast , the water is hundreds of feet just yards from the shore and 50-degree water.

Lucky shot vs skilled. Beautiful but really the Swans aren't pleasant. They hiss a great deal even though they came to the boat begging.

While we anchored, other boats all swung in unison on their respective mooring buoys.

Morning brought Mark beginning his tradition of making pancakes, which is both a treat and very affordable compared to eating onshore... which is about our highest except for diesel and parts. Well, we use real maple syrup so perhaps not that affordable.

Plus a Fitz trip into the harbour to look around. The boat launch staff let us lock up Fitz. Fitz is the only new equipment on the trip. A new 10.5' rigid bottom inflatable and a new Yamaha 25 4-stroke outboard.

Nice park makes the water accessible and many >$1M personal yachts in the harbour. This sculpture honours the boat builders of the region.

Next to the sculpture are the rules... which I suspect were continue on the back of the sign too.

The high point of the town visit was the La Bonne Boulangerie bakery.

Courtesy of Bing Maps


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  1. Great pictures – best of luck on your Loop. I look forward to reading more as the Currie Cruise continues …

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