Billy Joel’s Block Island Sound

July 8th reliving Billy Joel's "Downeaster Alexa" stayed in the Great Salt Pond in Block Island. There are a few real fisherman people left in Long Island Sound... not in a simple Downeaster but Billy had a great message just like Allentown, which Currie has been to during the work years. Both songs are worth a listen again.

Map of the area. We stayed in the Great Salt Pond and walked to the Old Harbour before a taxi ride back to keep Fitz safe. We now have a stainless steel cable to secure Fitz so less worrisome.

Block harbour is really a special place. Completely focused on servicing boater. Everyone is happy and engaged. The taxi prices are steep but other than that.  This is an old Army tug which is all very nicely kept up.

Leaving the great salt pond these beautiful old houses on the port side.

Lots of richie-rich boats.

Mark and Stephanie watching over "Fitz" while scarfing down a burger.

Block Island beaches during an island walk.

Fitz first landing with other friends but of course smaller. We had not learned that we needed an anchor so that Fitz didn't need to be beached. We picked up a Fitz anchor but that is another story.

Courtesy of Bing Maps

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