Newport RI on July the 4th

First real day out to Newport RI (July 4th). Cherish is registered in Newport RI so a homecoming and official relaunch of an adventure for her. With any sized boat, it is hard to feel that you “fit in” in Newport as the most expensive yachts visit there but Cherish fit in well.  A small sample of the company one keeps in the poor part of the Newport Harbour, where the peasants’ anchor.


The club where those well to do gather for the 4th of July fireworks.

It was an amazing July the 4th fireworks show (plus undoubtedly also meant to welcome for Cherish to her adventure) that Newport threw.  Kindly note that on a boat, it is moving as well as the fireworks so things are not so sharp sorry. Rest assured that the G&Ts had little to no impact on the quality of the images.

I’m sure like many people’s heads on the morning of July 5th it was spooky cloudy. Currie is an early riser so you will tend to see those shots in my part of this blog.

P.S. We did have dinner out on Mark’s birthday of July 1 and Canada Day. Mark got a nive gift pack from home with all the Canadiana.

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