Up the Hudson continued July 12 & 13

We enjoyed seeing the Mid-Hudson Valley from the water, including the Culinary Institute of America. Stephanie and her Mother enjoyed many a fine meal and each of the restaurants when we used to live in Poughkeepsie.

Mark found an anchorage area on the side of the Hudson North of Poughkeepsie and South of Kingston.  The Hudson is a working river with real ships so it is nerve-wracking to anchor on it. It had a huge current and we did not know the type of river bottom, which impacts the type of anchor one would use. It is sad to awaken and find one’s boat on the rocks because the anchor didn’t suit the material it was supposed to hold in. Fortunately, Mark had planned and purchase a monster anchor. The boat came with a lot of anchor chain. The longer the anchor chain (versus rope) the more the boat has to lift the heavy anchor chain before it even starts to pull on the anchor.  Back on June 23rd had Mark had painted the anchor chain at 20′ increments so we could put out the right amount of anchor scope.

This was our first experience with bugs and on this trip there are bugs. Over time, Mark has made screens for the doors and Stephanie spends evenings eradicating the bugs that make it into the boat.

The Hudson holds strange mysteries, amazing abandoned “castles”, huge chimneys with no reason to be on the shore.

Where we anchored on the busy Hudson River right at the foot of the Vanderbilt Manson National Historic Site.

Perhaps want has known as “The Boyle Boys” are no longer boys…

For context, thanks to Bing Maps, Half Moon Bay Marina tie up and Vanderbilt anchorage.

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