Charlevoix Michigan Aug 20 – 23

Leaving Mackinac Island State Harbour for a long trip down Lake Michigan. We went under Mackinac Bridge.

After about 9 hours of a blue water journey, we pulled into the channel leading to Charlevoix Michigan and we awaited getting through the swing bridge to the harbour.

We had wonderful support and advice from the Charlevoix City Marina.

The Marina looked over a City park which had a great deal of activity during our stay. Here a morning yoga class overlooking the water.

We saw two concerts.

The charming city had “art bikes” around here and there. This one knitted. Mark and Debra signed out the free rental bikes and enjoyed touring the area.

We all meet up at the Charlevoix Public Library to see the architecture and use their Wi-fi. The library also had a beautiful butterfly garden.

We decide that Charlevoix was such a lovely town and area that we all wanted to visit it more. Over a few days, Mark and Currie rode the cities free bikes around to interview storage facilities. We were surprised to learn that there was affordable inside, heated storage.  That meant days of working cleaning up Cherish. Stephanie found a church to donate our food to and here the team is getting ready to put Cherish to bed for the winter.

To give a sense of the lovely town, a few pictures. The Boyle Boys mother used to work in Rexall Pharmacies in the 1960s so this was a quaint reminder.


Cherish on August 23rd just before she was picked up by the skipper taker her to dry, heated storage for the winter.

Courtesy of Bing Maps

See you in 2019!

4 thoughts on “Charlevoix Michigan Aug 20 – 23”

  1. Wow what a pretty place.
    Hard to imagine that in 4 months it will be 4′ deep in snow and the lake will be frozen over!

  2. Excellent blogging – what a great adventure. Can’t wait to read about 2019 activities. Have a great winter !!!
    I’ve heard a lot about the north channel and the “Big Chute” – your details and pictures were awesome. Thanks for taking the time to share !!!

  3. Currie, so fascinating to read all of this. I am so happy you are getting to do this adventure!! We traversed a to of the same area this past summer as I was in Ottawa, Kingston, St. Clair Michigan. Maybe next summer we can meet up by boat!
    Safe travels, my friend! – Lori Larson

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