Bridging the Gap

It is fun the way things come together. We purchased the trestles and bents and tried to squeeze them into a strange-shaped room leaving various gaps.

Somewhere along the line, we purchased this lovely G-scale bridge on eBay from Florida. More on that in another section of the blog. The bridge was damaged in shipping and required a lot of repairs. However, you can see the lovely detail including the metal long rods with very fine threaded nuts.

Then we needed to stage the trestle bents and serious metal bridge elements together.

In order to connect the last leg of this reversing loop (a reversing section allows a train to enter in one direction, and leave on the same track heading back the way it came) required yet another wooden G-scale bridge. This one was a Craigslist find in Cartersville, GA. It required significant modification to become fit for purpose.

Here you can see the end of bridge one and the beginning of bridge two.

Laying the homemade slim wooden roadbed for Bridges One and Two.

Merging the loop together by bringing one track into the 16' trestle span.

Once complete, an underside view of the closing of the reversing loop. The 16' trestle span is on the left and bridge two is on the right.

Once completed, a view of an HO-scale European-style passenger training coming through the first bridge for the first time.

Looking from Bridge One down through Bridge Two and on to the 18' Trestle Span.