Lock 26 at Fenelon Falls, Ontario Aug 10

We left lock #26 began to motor towards Fenelon Falls. It was a beautiful trip, including very narrow passages between our first Canadian Shield topography. The Canadian Shield is an amazingly solid core, that is the exposed portion of the rock that forms the North American region but elsewhere buried. These are not rock formations that you want to bump into with your boat. They create narrow pathways and create scary shoals that hide solid rock 1′ below the lake level.

This is a famous island Church called St. Peter’s on-the-RockOn Stony Lake. It is only accessible by water.

Make loved Stoney Lake, where Mark, Debra, and Currie went for a quick swim. As we cruised we saw amazing houses on the most solid foundation in the world, the Canadian Shield.

Mark loved the practicality of this house from top to bottom. The top is all windows, which it should be in this beautiful place. It is cold in the winter so not staying there anyway so do not need insolation. The black boathouse level at the bottom is just normal household garage doors.

We mentioned early that there we a great number sailing school for very young children. Stoney Lake was no exception.

This was a fun front yard which Currie happened to capture through the structure that supports the canvas at the top of Cherish.

This was very cool. An early 1950 Ford pickup body on pontoons.

Stephanie took this lovely house picture.

Stephanie handling the stern of Cherish.

We made it to Lock #32 Fenlon Falls. Here is Cherish tied up at the blue line for the morning lift.

Currie was up very early and went to MacDonalds to upload more blog pictures. Later in the morning, we walked a bit to see the town as some of us had not a chance to see it the night before. The following flower box was on the bridge over the damn.

When the stores had opened Stephanie went grocery shopping. Mark and Currie walked to 1+ km to the Canadian Tire and shared the load of bringing back 19l / 5g of oil for Cherish (as seen below).

Courtesy of Bing Maps.

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