How it all started

So the Boyle brothers grew up on the lake in Penticton, B.C., Canada playing in the water. Over our lives we’ve had boats, waterfront, swimming pools, etc. to stay close to water.  Now with two out of three in retirement, Mark instigated the plan to do the Great Loop a 10,000 km (if you include Canada) boat trip around the US/Canada central/eastern regions.

While Currie was still working Mark and Currie started looking for just the right boat. As we did not care where we started the loop that made it possible to buy almost anywhere in the central/eastern US or Canada. Thousands of boats plus several physical trips to see boats we found one in Rhode Island.

All 3 Boyle’s were/are in IT and our blog begins with Currie taking the last week of June off before retiring. Together with Currie’s wife (Stephanie) we met up with brother Mark (both already retired) in Rhode Island.

We won’t bore the reading with the weeks of work we put into getting the new to us Bayliner 4788 in shape. We met up with the previous owner of our boat (Dennis) to get some pointers.

We have hundreds of boat repair pictures and stories and maybe some other day we’ll include an entire section but for now, we’ll pretend that boating it is all easy and straightforward. Nothing but a turn-key house on the water with sunsets and gin & tonic… which is far from true.

We did take a break during the repairs for a trip to Cape Cod on June 30th.


And Martha’s Vineyard on July 2.

Chill will ya Mark! Then intrepid new world explorers Mark and Currie

Mark & Currie the Mark & Stephanie post-walk. We missed the ferry by two minutes.

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