Jackson Island Aug 16

Sunrise at Cover Portage Cove

Here Mark is trying to untie the mix of knots Currie used on our stern line.

Every morning Stephanie would move the ice from the freezer on the Sky Lounge level down to the cooler on the main level aft deck.

We headed towards the swing bridge at Little Current Ontario. That meant passing by the famous Strawberry Island Lighthouse.

The Stephanie’s Olympus art mode shot and another lighthouse along the way.

The swing bridge only moves at specific hours so we whated at the Little Current Ontario bridge.

Once through the swing bridge we pulled in to the Little Current public dock. This town really caters to boats as you can tell by the active non-resident dock.

Mark catching up with other boaters.

Mark and Debra walked the town including grocery shopping. Stephanie and Currie also walked the down and noted this mural.

Then Stephanie and Currie walked to a recommeded ice cream shoppe.

On the way out of town saw this cute tug, which looks like a 40 footer. As you can see from this later show, we could see that this trawler is <20′. Plus you could see Boyle Marina.

On the other end of the spectrum, we saw this yacht 112′ in Killarney Ontario the day before “My Way” sneaking between a narrow channel.

Mark found an anchorage betweenJacksonand Aird Island near Spanish, Ontario.  Mark jumped in water after the anchor was set.

Stephanie and Currie shot these images off Fitz that evening.

Then we capture these images of the sunset shots.

Curtosy of Bing Maps.

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