The Trip to Pick up the Trestle Bridge

On August 28, 2020, we found listed on Facebook Marketplace.

I contacted the owner to get more photographs and the history. "The museum gave it to the Collis P. Huntington (CPH) Railroad Society. We displayed it in Parkersburg, WV at the river museum. It was then stored there for probably 5 years. They needed the room and CPH did not want it so I brought it home. Our model railroad club had never set it up as just not enough room at our clubhouse. So it ended up in a storage locker I have paid for many years."

I wrote back "There is some much work and history that has gone into those trestles. I'm sure that like you we don't want to see them not get used or even worse get scrapped. We live over 6 hours away from you so it takes a major commitment to get them. If you don't have any other prospects then please let me know and I'll come and buy them so that they aren't wasting away. Thank you". The owner replied "There is nobody else after it. I will try to get out to the museum to see if any photos are from the exhibit." These are the pics of the Facebook ad:

On Sept 8, 2020 we left Chattanooga for the six hour trip to Huntington, West Virginia. Since it was COVID time, we left very early for the six hour drive there, two hours of loading and six hours back in the same day. Over 700 miles in one day. The sunrise picture was shot over the hood of the pickup in Decatur TN.  The trailer picture was mid-loading in VA.